Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Remove the Annoying Message, "Your copy of Windows is not Genuine"!!!!


First download this

then extract with Winrar(freeware, can be downloaded on the internet)

then open remove wat. below is a screen shot :D

this program will just remove the message, IT WILL NOT MAKE YOUR WINDOWS 'GENUINE'!


Is your photoshop running slow?

1. Open your photoshop -> go EDIT -> Preferences -> General

2. Under performance tab -> You may now adjust the number of mb or hard disk usage

I hope this helped... :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Make Your Processor Cooler!

This Tutorial is best for AMD Users and Quad Core Users and for those who play high end games, render videos, etc and experiences their computer to shutdown...
1. Open Task Manager by right clicking at the task bar or pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL

2. Choose a process that takes up alot of memory or the process of your game, video editing software, etc...
   right click on it and click Set Affinity

3. Choose only 1 cpu(dual cores) or less than 4 cpus(quad cores). Its up to you, just lessen the cpu usage thus making your processor cooler because of lesser work.

I've tried to this to one of my clients and it works.
You may also put a Silicone Heat Transfer Compound in between heatsink and the processor.
BTW, Silicone Heat Transfer Compound is a compound(some kind of an ointment) that improves heat transfer effiency from the device to the heat sink.